About Us

Curcumin is a wonderful set of extracts derived from Turmeric.  

Curcumin comes from Turmeric.  About 3% of Turmeric is Curcumin.  When the Curcumin is isolated 3 Curcuminoid molecules are isolated:

  • Curcumin is about 75%,
  • Demethoxy-Curcumin is about 17%,
  • and Bisdemethoxy-Curcumin is about 3%.

All three Curcuminoids are important supplements.

We ONLY USE USA manufactured Curcumin that is 95+% pure.  We do not import our Curcumin from any source.  In fact all of our ingredients are US manufactured.

Ultra Curcumin (UltraCur) is a combination of US Made Curcumin with US Made Whey Protein.  The unique combination allows the protein to transport the Curcumin into your body.  Our formulation provides the Highest Assimilation of any encapsulated Curcumin powder. UltraCur is a patent pending technology.

More About US:

  • UltraCur technology is manufactured by us in our own production facility.
  • We make sure that every batch meets our quality standards.
  • We manufacture at the highest levels of supplement manufacturing control as specified by the FDA.
  • All our ingredients are made here in the USA
  • We would love to chat with you. Please call Adam (our CEO) at 405-596-3423 to say hello.

Or write him a note: apayne@ultrabotanica.com